What is Colour Africa Proverbs about?

Colour Africa is a meaningful, locally relevant and affordable colouring book, created by a design team from Cape Town, South Africa, and illustrated by local artist Roulé le Roux. At a cost of only R70 per copy, it offers hours of entertainment and learning.
Each of the 10 featured proverbs appears in its original language, alongside a translation and a picture. The proverbs are from 10 African languages spoken in 11 countries and the book is available in either English or Afrikaans. Also included is a fun dice game, using characters from the proverbs for extra entertainment!
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Educational and fun

Colouring has a range of benefits for children: helping with fine motor movement development, creativity and focus. Colour Africa Proverbs teaches children universal values and wisdom, while they are having fun. It can be used as a teaching tool by parents and teachers – or simply as a fun activity.  
  • Teaches wisdom from various African cultures
  • Teaches knowledge of different languages, people and countries
  • Teaches values of tolerance, respect, kindness and empathy
  • Encourages sharing, compassion and team work between children
  • Teaches about letter shapes in a fun and interactive way
  • Improves fine motor movement due to the detailed shapes to colour in, preparing children for school
  • Provides useful content for educators and caregivers to deliver quality lessons about culture, geography and language.
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Please consider donating 

We facilitate the donation of copies to local under-resourced crèches, preschools and charities. 

 Donated copies cost only R45 per book.
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The 10 proverbs featured in the book

And what they mean

Do not forget the honeybird.

Always remember those who helped you, and be sure to take care of them if they need your help.

A bundle cannot be tied with one hand.

We can achieve far more if we are united than if we are divided. 

A bird builds with the feathers of others.

We succeed as individuals because of the help we receive from others.

The mouth does not give, what give are the hands.

If you want to help someone, what matters is what you do and not what you say you will do.

The power of fish is in water.

We succeed when we are in the place where we feel most at home.

A hasty dog burns its mouth.

If you try and do something too quickly, you will not do it properly.

Wisdom is like a baobab tree, one person cannot embrace it.

Wisdom belongs to us all as a community. One person cannot claim to know the complete truth.

The cow licks the one who licks her.

If you help others, you will find help when you need it.

 After you throw the spear, you cannot catch its end.

Even if you are sorry for the wrong you did, you still have to face the consequences of your actions.

The moon moves slowly over the town.

If you take your time, you will achieve your goals.