Colour Africa Proverbs

A colouring book about the colours, cultures and wisdom of Africa.

What is Colour Africa Proverbs?

Colour Africa Proverbs is a colouring book based on beautifully illustrated proverbs from all over Africa. The proverbs teach universal truths in an engaging and interactive way: respect, compassion and teamwork are central themes. 

The proverbs appear in their original form, representing 10 African languages spoken in 11 different countries. Each of the proverbs appears alongside a delightful drawing, which is designed to be coloured in. 

The book is available with a translation into either English or Afrikaans. 

More than just a colouring book

Colouring is fun, but Colour Africa Proverbs provides so much more…


Unique, detailed drawings encourage hours of colouring in. Suitable for children aged 4-8 (and adults, too).


Children are exposed to different languages and learn about a variety of African countries while colouring.


The proverbs represent 10 different African cultures. The book is produced in Cape Town, South Africa.


The lessons teach about the universal values of kindness, cooperation and sharing.

Fun typography

Creative typography introduces children to different letterforms.

Cost effective

A unique, affordable gift for birthdays, holidays and class presents.


Includes an entertaining dice game using the characters and proverbs.

Eco conscious

Printed locally on 100% recycled paper.

Ready to start colouring?

Only R70 per book!
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What our customers say

Dewald Prinsloo – EBONY design
“Colour Africa is our favourite publication for youngsters – it is wise, entertaining and educational and a great gift for the young and young at heart from all over the world. A little bit of Africa to take home in a fun format.”
Sarah, Trale & Sienna
“These books are so special, and my kids and I love seeing the stunning illustrations and clever messaging come to life! They also make a wonderful gift, especially for overseas friends and family who miss home!”
Tanya Goodman
“I gifted a book to one of my favourite teenagers for her 15th birthday and she loves it. The act of colouring in really gives you time to ponder the proverb and how it applies in your own life. I’ll be taking more copies to give as presents to friends and family in the USA next time I travel – it’s perfect for kids of all ages, and adults too.”
Anita Visser
“I donated some copies of the book – if feels good know the children will have fun and learn at the same time. Great product.”